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Vision, Experience and a Commitment to exceeding our clients' expectations makes Alison Whittaker Design a professional design partner that can elevate a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

We believe your home is your essential foundation - an artful canvas of personal expression. We approach projects with a sense of purpose and exuberance, for us each design is an opportunity to create the extraordinary.

Whether updating an existing home or starting from the ground up, our design team strives to create designs that beautifully support our clients' with innovative design solutions. We value developing a collaborative relationship and are dedicated to providing the best possible experience throughout the design process. 

My team and I understand that your home is more than a collection of beautiful design elements. It is where you live, entertain friends and family, raise your children and spend a significant portion of your life. Our goal is to implement a design that is a reflection of your individual tastes and desires – a home that is truly a canvas of your personal expression.

Located in downtown Saratoga, we monitor every aspect of your project to create a smooth and enjoyable experience. Our trademark attention to detail and skillful blending of artistic materials and furnishings ensures your project is a success on every level. We are passionate about providing a unique brand of artistry, imagination and creativity to each design that enables you living your best life.

- Alison Whittaker


"Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein



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